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17 X 10: My favorite cultural moments of the year

In no particular order, here is my meta-list of my favorite music, films, books, and whatevers, from a year in which we really needed good music, films, books, and whatevers.

1.  Twin Peaks, on Showtime. Because of a broken knee, I missed the community viewing parties and was forced to watch this show by myself at home, where it was a punch in the gut that haunted me for weeks after. Especially that last episode, and of course episode 8, maybe the weirdest thing ever on broadcast TV, eclipsing the White Lodge sequences from the original series.

2. Legion, on FX. A psychedelic and surreal superhero show with a nonlinear plot. An example of the kind of bonkers WTF TV that owes a lot to Lynch, but this show was a lot more fun.

3. Anna Meredith at Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn. A British composer bringing a giddy experimental sensibility to pop music. The live version of this song was one of the most heart-stoppingly fun performances I’ve ever seen from a band.

4. Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest, at New Museum.

5. Borne, Jeff Vandermeer. To my shame, I hardly ever read novels anymore. Part of it is my lousy time management, but the other is failing to find an author or book series that I really love. That ended this year, as I found sci-fi writer Vandermeer, whose Southern Reach trilogy I plowed through (just in time for it to hit the big screen), and whose 2017 novel about a talking blob that falls off of a 3-story high flying bear I couldn’t put down.

6. LCD Soundsystem, American Dream. Not the album of the year – maybe not even in the top 10 or 20 albums of the year. It just feels good that they’re back.

7. That Darth Vader scene from Rogue One. Who knew that this character’s most memorable film moment would come in an unnecessary prequel 40 years after his first?

8. Lady Bird. I was expecting a quirky mumblecore kind of film, and then 3/4 of the way through realized how perfect the writing and acting were – and also how moving. The most satisfying movie of the year for me, by far.

9. Song Exploder. Just when I’d grown weary of 90-minute chatterfests, this refreshingly short podcast (actually from 2016) featured artists simply breaking down the writing and recording of a single song of theirs.

10. Can football be art? Well, yeah – when it’s this Super Bowl catch by Julian Edelman.

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While Supplies Last!

I just uploaded a t-shirt design to TeePublic. It’s only $14 today, but will be $20 after. Hey, I think it’s worth it at either price, but why not get it now?


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SNOBOCOP, then and now



It’s hard to really tell the difference. #snowday

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Rock. Paper. Scissors. Popcorn.

rps poster

Summer movie blockbuster season is beginning, and I’m calling for a movie based on the game Rock Paper Scissors.’ Full-length features based on games isn’t a new thing anymore: you saw the movies based on Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and Battleship, and you will see Angry Birds, but Rock Paper Scissors is still up for grabs. Yes, there’s a parody video, and of course there was a lame romantic comedy with the same title, but isn’t it time that it gets the full Hollywood blockbuster treatment?

Of course it is. After all, it is probably the world’s second oldest game, the oldest being taking consumers for total suckers. It wouldn’t even have to be a Michael Bay production – it could just be produced by those ad firms who do the toenail fungus and chest congestion adverts. But who would get cast in the role of Rock, or Paper, or Scissors? Here are somesuggestions:


On name alone, Duane Johnson is an obvious fit for the role of Rock. If you’re going for the ability to anchor – I mean, drag a movie down, you’d have to give the nod to Brendan Fraser. And if you were looking for a completely immovable face, Bruce Jenner.


For some comedic relief in the role of Paper, how about the self-confessed “pale” comedian Jim Gaffigan? Or, if you want to take pale and add the paper-like character traits of being flat and suffocating, Robert Pattinson or the Olson twins?


Jackie Chan would be ideal in the scissors role for his ninja-like ability to shred the opposition. Or Sarah Silverman for her cutting wit. If they’re not available, any of the Kardsahians could fill the role, because like scissors, you can always find a cheap pair hanging around when you need to.

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James Bond vs. Godzilla

Whenever a new James Bond movie comes out, there’s always the tiresome talk about how he’s merely the projection of a typical male fantasy, running around the world combatting evil dudes with amazing weapons and effortlessly scoring the hottest chicks. There’s a lot to like about that, but that’s not every male’s fantasy. After all, he’s always got to wear suits and keep track of his aliases and I don’t even know if he even has a place to go home to at night to watch Parks & Recreation. Sometimes I wonder if the ideal male fantasy character isn’t Godzilla. For one thing, he doesn’t have “M” checking up on him all the time. But you can decide for yourself: here’s how the two compare in the “male fantasy” department.


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