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Xmas 2017

It was an ugly year, right? That’s the word that keeps resurfacing for me. There was ugliness in the streets, ugliness in the corporate offices, and seemingly nothing but ugliness coming from the Oval Office. The meaning of Christmas is that ugliness doesn’t get the last word, but with each year it seems like it’s a little harder for Christmas songs to work their way into my brain. Does this holiday have to be ruined along with everything else?

Thankfully, no. But this collection of songs may be a little more ambivalent than usual. I loved the junkyard folk, Tom Waits-ish feel of “Our Rest Has Come” and the Argentinian band Queridas’ gorgeous version of Yoko Ono’s “Listen, the Snow is Falling.” I included a reading of  G. K. Chesterton poem, one of my long-time favorites. I had more fun with the found audio than the actual songs. But I still love how it came out. So enjoy it in the player below, download it for yourself while it’s here (a few of my other Xmas mixtapes are on Mixcloud as well), and… Merry Christmas.

(the cover is a ripoff – sorry, homage – of a handmade card by Lithuanian-born American printmakers William and Marguerite Zorach that I stumbled on on the interwebs.)

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Christmas 2016, at last

I don’t need to recap all of the ways that 2016 was horrible. Forget just a little – we need a lot of Christmas now.

Summoning the holiday spirit was difficult this year. Traditions somehow feel less comforting. I wondered if I should take a radical departure from my typical mix and do something completely different. In the end, I stuck to the same formula, because Christmas doesn’t need a reboot. Christmas is the reboot: God entering the world as an infant.

So business as usual, more or less, with the exception that I tried my very first actual mashup – with admittedly mixed results (but at least it’s short). The great artists that we lost this year are represented here – Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen. Because we’re a nation of misfits I included the Inflatable Men cover of the familiar song from the classic TV special. There are a few fun new songs, some great takes on classics, and other stuff not represented on the tracklist. So – enjoy!


xmas2016 copy


If you like this one and want more, you can still hear my mix from last year:


Here is a quieter, more reflective mix to soothe your soul, which I did in 2014:


And here’s Xmas in Space, if you like your Christmas music with beeps and boops and sound FX and recordings of alleged UFO eyewitnesses:


Lastly, here is a link to a folder with every mix I’ve made going back to 2007, available for download. Get busy and Merry Christmas!



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Sister Christmas

Is it ever actually going to get legitimately cold out there? It almost feels like the wrong time to be uploading this.

I’m back with another mix of Christmas music, what else? The art for this is an homage to Sister Corita Kent, the pop artist whose work had a breakout year. Corita was a nun, an active member of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Angeles, but her work was full of wit and visual inventiveness. I’ll write more about her in my year-end list, but that’s the same kind of thing I’m thinking about when I choose Christmas music. That, and maybe what St. Etienne said here recently about how Elvis fits Christmas (although they are wrong in disliking this classic Pogues Christmas song).

Anyway, here it is. Play or download. Merry Christmas!


I realized as I was uploading this that it’s the 10th one I’ve done. Not the 10th year, because I did two of them in 2014, just the 10th mix. So here they are. If you click on the thumbnails you’ll be able to download each individual one.













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Merry Xmas! 2 for the price of none

OK, I like Christmas music. I shouldn’t have to apologize for it. Well, some of it.

An author once said that the reason he writes books is because he has questions, not answers. Every year I put together a mix of Christmas-related music here, and it is my own attempt to address the question “where can I find good Christmas music that I’m not going get bludgeoned with everywhere else, but that isn’t just different for different’s sake?” So I’m at it again. As per usual, there’s every type of music on here – cheeky mashups, golden-era chestnuts, juicy soul, pine-scented Americana, gluten-free desserts, firesafe lighting strings, vintage stockings, I don’t even know where this list is going. Just enjoy it. You can listen to it here and/or download it from SoundCloud.



And… just because I was feeling it, I decided to make another mix with all of the songs that I liked, but that were too snoozy, and would have killed the vibe of the previous one. Yeah, another! But its quieter. It’s pretty nice. I have to admit something: I tested this mix on animals. I totally did. Defenseless bunnies and rescue monkeys and a turtle. No worries: they freaking loved it. So I think I’m in good shape, legally. It’s here also. Enjoy!


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That’s right: Christmas in Space.


You knew it had to happen at some point right?

I’m a sucker for Christmas music, and I try to upload a mixtape every year with the good and interesting stuff that I’ve found while poking around the internet and the used CD racks. Last year I was amused to find an outer space-themed Christmas record, but once I did, I was not surprised to find lots of other nutty “Christmas in outer space” records, because yeah, the internet. And once I found those I came across a whole galaxy full of low-hanging fruit just there for the taking: Star Wars holiday albums! Star Trek ads! William Shatner! NASA recordings! Spacey electronic music! So yes, I’ve jumped the shark a bit with this mix. It had to be done. But there’s lots of good stuff here, and I did more mixing and editing to make things move along. Give it a shot.

Mixes from previous years can be found and downloaded here, and you can listen to my outer space Christmas below.

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No Thanks

One thing that’s always bothered me about the Christmas season is this overemphasis on commercialism, where everything has to be for sale. It’s so excessive.

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Dashing Through Your Ears

Oh, yes I did.

My favorite time of year to listen to Christmas music is around Christmas time. I’m crazy that way. So every year I make a new mix of stuff that I’ve enjoyed listening to. This year’s mix has got 1960s psychedelic rock from Korea, some good ol’ bluegrass, an admittedly annoying dance craze from the 90s, and a Bob Dylan mashup that you won’t hear anywhere else because I MADE IT MY DAMN SELF. I’m crazy that way, too. Most of all, it’s fun and harmless – your aunt would even like it (full disclosure: I already played it for her). So feel free to download and enjoy it here. You can get mixes from years past here as well. Enjoy.

(by the way, the exploding bulb in the background of the tracklisting is from Alan Sailer’s fantastic “War Against Christmas” Flickr page.)

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The 12 Days of Corporate Christmas

This year I made a conscious decision to bring my A-game and really take it to the next level. I figured that, in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, the only enabler of a strategy that would enable me to hit the ground running was to develop a client-centered focus, and to leverage my next-generation capabilities. Yes, I had to manage expectations, and there were times when I had to call an audible, to come to a hard stop and take it offline if I saw potential barriers to entry. But at the end of the day, if I take a helicopter view of everything, I think I really put an impactful stake in the ground.

And so, to celebrate, I’ve created a robust, user-centric, plug-and-play model on how you should act going forward in this holiday season. Feel free to get out of your silo and use it as a takeaway.


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