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World Series recap

I have a bunch of fellow Red Sox fan friends, all Massachusetts residents at one time or another who now live in or around NYC, and we kept a lively group text message thread open throughout the entire postseason. We are all expert analysts, naturally, and if we were allowed to manage the games there would never have been any incorrect substitutions¬†and especially no lame national anthem singers. Also, Haffenreffer would be sold at Fenway Park, Lou Reed would have been allowed to pinch hit for Stephen Drew, and something about Color Me Badd. Below is a more or less random sampling of out-of-context texts from the six games of the World Series. I think if you read them through it’s essentially a perfect narrative of what transpired in each of the six games. I don’t even know why we need coverage from places like ESPN anymore.



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The Hall of Infamy

Was Jim Rice too black for Coca-Cola? Is A-Rod a cyborg? Why is Cal Ripken wearing dreadlocks? And did Gary Allenson ever exist? If you’re interested in the answers to these and other questions about the awkward greatness of baseball card design in the 1970s and 1980s, then head on over to the piece I wrote for Print magazine online. Then follow the link over to Imprint (the Print blog) for the interview I did with author Josh Wilker, who wrote the terrific Cardboard Gods, a memoir told through the lens of 1970s baseball cards. Unfortunately, a stale stick of chewing gum will not be included.

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