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I went to the SXSW Music conference again this year, as I have done in recent years. Thanks to winter storm Stella, I got to spend an extra day in Austin, which ended up being a great one, and in all I logged time at around 70 different shows in the 5 days. I’d say the last few years were better in terms of music, but hardly anything to complain about.

I’m not the most consistent Instagrammer, but I decided this year to play around with a few different photo apps and then became somewhat obsessed with it. I like Prisma for its great range of effects and Layrs for the ability to stack images in layers on top of each other (why doesn’t PS Express, the mobile Photoshop app, do this?). Those, combined with the standard iPhone editing tools and Instagram filters, can do some amazing things. Here are a few of my favorites from Austin, and I’ve got a bunch more at my IG account. By the way – in order, this is Mint Field, Tei Shi, Dude York, Weaves, Holly Macve, and Merchandise.

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Where you put the comma makes a difference.

I’m just saying.


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My friend recently told me I had too many apps on my phone. Maybe, I said, but no harm in that. If you use it, even just once or twice, you might as well keep an application on there, right?

But there’s a word for it, he said, which is “overapplicated.” It means you’ve got too many for your own good.  I disputed this fact, but he doubled down on me, saying that no, I was pretty much a textbook version of it. “You’re so effing overapplicated it’s not even funny,” were his exact words.

Then I started to read the icons on my phone and I said whaddya know? Guilty as charged, man, Guilty. As. Charged.



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Get Your Computer Out Of My Meme

This is not only what 5 MB of storage looked like years ago, it’s what 5 MB of storage looked like in the lap of one of those weird Victorian mothers who was conspicuously hidden in her own photo. You’re welcome.

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No Thanks

One thing that’s always bothered me about the Christmas season is this overemphasis on commercialism, where everything has to be for sale. It’s so excessive.

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Newt & Susan

Newt Gingrich and Susan Boyle. You know what I’m talking about, right? The certain uncanny resemblance, despite the fact that one rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent, and the other across the pond on America’s Got Too Many Republican Presidential Candidates? You can judge for yourself, below, from these completely unretouched screengrabs. That is, if you can tell which one is which.


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Behind the Gutters

We did this a few weeks ago, so let’s try it again just for fun. Here’s what I sketched when I had the original ‘a-ha’ about a guy whose couch was so filled with leftovers from previous dinners that he had to get gutters installed. It’s about somebody else, naturally.

It needed a bit more fleshing out to be understood. Who is that person looking over his shoulder?

This is the last step in getting it to be a submission-worthy sketch. Yes, I sometimes sign my sketches. Why? No idea.

So, this is how it looks when I originally hand it over to the editor for consideration:

And this is what it looks like in this week’s issue of the New Yorker. Page 80 if you have one of the printed thingys.

And this is what my drawing desk looks like. WHY CAN I MAKE JOKES ABOUT SOMEBODY ELSE’S COUCH BUT NOT MY OWN DESK?

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Stray Shots

The camera application which I prefer to use on my iPhone is different than the built-in camera. It’s one in which you touch any part of the screen to take a picture instead of a single “shutter” button. It’s fine, except that it also means that in handling the camera – switching between hands, taking it in and out of my pocket, shoving it in my armpit as I fumble through my bag looking for something – the screen gets touched a lot. I think half of my pictures are of the accidental, oh-crap-I-thought–the-camera-was-off variety. But you know what? Some of them actually look kind of cool, especially when you gallery them. So I’m committing to this. If you need a wedding photographer and you don’t care if the pictures look like arbitrary screenshots from The Bourne Ultimatum, feel free to make me an offer.

(click image to open larger size in new window)





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Postscript from Chinatown: Signs that Seem Like They Should Mean Something Kind of Dirty but Probably Don’t

They say that tragedy plus time equals comedy. I’m going to go ahead and say that travel plus fatigue equals comedy also. I think that’s the only reason to describe why Matt Diffee and I snapped these pictures at the end of our trip to the Bay Area this week.

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