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Pictures of pepperoni elegantly reimagined as smaller pictures of pepperoni

Everyone loves pictures of pepperoni. Woot! But sometimes you’re browsing the web and you’re like – whoa, let’s take it down a notch or two, pepperoni pictures! I get it, you’re meaty and spicy and delicious, but do you have to take up half my screen? So I have taken up the task of reimagining what some of these might look like if they were smaller and more bite-sized, if you know what I mean. Let me know which ones you think work the best!









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What does your wine label say about you?

I don’t know anything about wine (although I did this cartoon about the language of wine). I prefer whiskey, honestly. But sometimes you have to buy a bottle of wine. And when I do, I’m just as likely to be influenced by the label as anything else, because – yeah, art. I made a list over at Curator about the different categories of wine label design, and what each says about it’s buyer. Read it here.



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Full Frontal


I did my first magazine cover last fall, for this hotel trade magazine (which just went to press). It was a nice change to work in color instead of black and white, but it can be intimidating – there are almost twenty different colors out there that you can work with, I bet. back me up on this, illustrators! It was also refreshing in that I had to show something besides an obvious sight gag. So, no talking elephants at bars. The image had to match the tone of the article, which was a fairly straightforward piece about what American hotel chains are doing to appeal to foreign travelers.

A snapshot of the working process is below. At first I drew a single business traveler, then we decided upon a family instead. Also, my gestures (like the man with the remote) were initially a bit too overstated. And after dropping in the logo of a specific airline on the shopping bag, we decided it would be better to show a fictional airline, whose logo I had to create. My friend commented that it reminded her of Adrian Tomine, which I was pretty happy about. It all worked out in the end, don’t you think?


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What We Talk About When We Talk About the Flag

The other day while I was looking at the ol’ Star Spangled Banner I thought to myself, it’s also spangled with stripes, so why isn’t it called the Stripe Spangled Banner? And then I thought, why do we ever call it the Flag, which is the most boring term of all for the national symbol? So, here is a list of nicknames I’ve adopted for the red, white and blue. Happy Independence Day, everybody!

  • The Forever Symbol
  • Broadstripe & Brightstar’s Excellent Adventure
  • Community Cloth
  • The White Represents Sarah Palin and the Red Represents Michael Moore and the Blue Field is All the Rest Of Us Waiting for Them to Shut Up
  • Old Glory, Recent Shame
  • Suck it, Yellow, You Symbolizer of Stupid Stuff
  • Navajo Nation (NOT! HAHAHA!!)
  • Betsywear
  • Francis ScottTowel

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The Trump Factor

I wasn’t taking Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy very seriously, until I considered the electoral picture. I did some analysis and realized he has a distinct advantage over most other candidates:


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Adobe Photoshop (Professional Wrestling Version)

As any graphic designer knows, Photoshop tools have always skirted around the edges of violence: Twist, Flatten, Spatter, and more. Part of the design process is trying to wrangle unruly images and dope-slap them before they get the best of you. So I’m glad that Adobe has finally embraced this trend and released the Professional Wrestling version of Photoshop, where all the powers of humiliation are at your disposal, and nothing less than worldwide image domination is the goal. Here is a screen grab:


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Better Book Covers

Here is a blog that goes under the category of “I Wish I’d Thought of That! But, On Second Thought, If I’d Thought Of That, Then It Wouldn’t Be Nearly as Good.” At Better Book Titles, Dan Wilbur redesigns the cover of a well-known piece of literature with what would have been a more honest or direct title. They’re the ultimate “spoiler alerts,” like this alternative title for The Professor and the Madman, below. A lot of them will make you cringe and laugh at the same time, which is gold. And it’s expert Photoshopping as well. See for yourself.

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