Where did the last two weeks go?

Oh yeah – now I remember. I was in Austria, along with Matthew Diffee and Paul Noth. We were asked to come host a symposium in Wels with a bunch of other very talented cartoonists from Austria and Germany, and so we did, after one of us was – ahem – detained by the Swiss police over passport issues.

On the way there, we did our Fisticuffs! show in Linz, Austria, as part of the Next Comic Festival at the university.



Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.10.57 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.15.54 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.17.45 AM

And although the battle was fierce, we all lived. (Which is true, but we also suffered head wounds from getting kicked by a large cartoon boot).


So we moved on to our symposium in Wels. It was an honor, but also somewhat intimidating, to be “teaching” to people who were pretty accomplished in their own right.

IMG_4728Luckily, there was no awkwardness whatsoever. I think we all appreciated everybody else’s talents and it became a big, goofy hangout session, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, we had the theatre at the Medien Kultur Haus booked for a Thursday night performance, so we all had to come up with something that we could collaborate on as a group. So it was off to work, for four very busy days.

DSC_0237 copy

That’s Paul, along with Elias Hauck, Dominic Bauer, and Maren Amini, shooting stills for an animated piece.

DSC_0241 copy

Rudi Hurzlmeier, Peng, and Dorthe Landschulz rode the elevator to shoot some video for “Cartoon Theatre.”


And this is me showing off my “blur face” with Matt, Paul, and Tobias Schülert.

It wasn’t all work, of course. Or, I should say – it was all work, but drinking was an essential part of the working process. You know how that goes. It was Austria, and there are beer halls in Austria. Enough said. But we were definitely working, as evidenced by the ongoing discussion.

IMG_4714_work IMG_4769_work

We worked together so well that we found ourselves agreeing on a lot of things:


But eventually, show time came. We created an ambitious program that included a cartoon battle similar to the one we had just done in Linz, but with the addition of individual presentations, animated shorts that had been done over the past few days, crazy video, and some additional drawing games. Here’s the brief teaser video I threw together to introduce the evening:


The show was half in German and half in English, which was interesting (and more interesting, probably, for those of us who don’t speak German). It was also definitely 100% NSFW, if you’re planning on watching this thing. But it was a rousing success. Here’s the link to the entire show on DorfTV. Watch at your own risk!







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