Art Basel 2013: Miami

I went to Art Basel Miami Beach for the first time last week. It was definitely fun to get an eyeful of the Warhols and Picassos that you’ll probably never see otherwise, because they’re essentially moving from one private collection to another. But, since I’m not really in the market to buy a $20M Jeff Koons, I was less interested in that big convention center hoopla (I did an “intentionally poorly taken iPhone photo” review of that exhibit over at Curator Magazine). Luckily, there are tons of other things going on during Basel, and there’s something for everybody, even in loo options, as evidenced by these:


Also during Basel week there are incredible art fairs showcasing lots of other up-and-coming artists, one-off installations like FAILE & Bast’s vintage video game arcade, memorable parties like this one, and the orgy of street art going on in the Wynwood area.

I’m guessing that Wynwood has the highest concentration of street art in the country – even more than Brooklyn – and during Basel it seemed like everybody was there tagging, pasting, and painting any available wall or building in the area, during the day and all through the night.


At the J. Riggs studio on North Miami Avenue, San Francisco artist Chad Hasegawa, who paints bears, bears and also bears, using pesticide sprayers and fat sponge rollers, roughed out this big guy on Wednesday:


And then finished it up the next day.


I found L.A. artist Christina Angelina spraypainting in, yes, her roller blades (“oh – I forgot I had them on”) finishing this portrait of one of her friends.


And this one, which is pretty fantastic (blow it up in a new window and see the hi-res for yourself).


And the London Police hosted a 90-minute graffiti battle with Elle, Galo, and others:


For me, the most fun thing was being able to get in on the action. The esteemed Cash For Your Warhol asked me to collaborate on a wall, an idea that became necessary when his posters were tagged overnight (“It is the street, after all”).


I didn’t try to cover up the entire tag mess. There’s no point, really, because the whole place is going to be demolished shortly when the property gets developed.


My idea was that the astronaut would be dropping the “you are here” Google pin, and then I thought it would be funny to put the shadow on the sidewalk, and then I thought it be funnier to put the actual GPS coordinates of the site (and also I thought it would also be useful for any OCD types who need to know the longitude and latitude of wherever they happen to be standing).



Yuk yuk, right? CFYW approved, and the wall was at the entrance to the London Police party, so plenty of people got to say to themselves “what the heck are those numbers on the ground? Whatevs – might as well stand on them to get my picture taken.”

Team x CFYW-8705

So, all good. And one more thing:



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39 responses to “Art Basel 2013: Miami

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  2. safehavenprivatevaults

    I have always wanted to visit Miami. This street work is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! The two of the women are beyond amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful art with us!
    Thank you again for the amazing post! Keep em coming!!

  3. Street art is awesome. Thanks for the post.

  4. This was definitely worth seeing. Great photos!

  5. Art Basel is one of my favorite art festivals. Thanks for posting 🙂

  6. You’re photos mixed with your writing really brought out the best of Art Basel. What a wild ride!

  7. I go to Art Basel almost every year except this one. What a fun time!

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    — J.W.

  9. So amazing, thanks for sharing with us

  10. I like street art and I admire the talent of those who create it. It’s impressive to see how they are able to keep proportions on such a big scale, and all this done with spray. As for that glittery toilet…I assume it would hard to clean 😀

  11. mjtamijoy

    Reblogged this on mjtamijoy.

  12. I lived most of my life in central Florida and never made it to Basel. Now that I’m living in Brooklyn all I hear is how much I need to go. Next year it is.

  13. I like street art and I admire the talent of those who create it. It’s impressive to see how they are able to keep proportions on such a big scale, and all this done with spray. As for that glittery toilet…I assume it would hard to clean

  14. Great artwork and great examples of graffiti art! We’re launching a gamified iphone photo/video app soon called Snaapiq. We want to build weekly adventures around graffiti art, where pictures/videos posted will earn real rewards. Check out our blog at

  15. I went to Wynwood and Miami but not Miami Beach, I will try to go down there next year, these pictures are great – I love Art Basel.

  16. Neat. That is probably the most interesting toilet ever.

  17. Damn i wish i could of went, some really incredible artists there. I cannot wait to move to Delray in a week cause then ill only be an hour away !

  18. carminaubrun

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  19. Love the pin drop!! Great idea!

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    roller-skates are a good idea

  21. Have crazy is it in Miami during this time? Is it easy for a non-celebrity to navigate through the pieces/exhibits and still enjoy themselves?

  22. Reblogged this on lostintranslation23 and commented:
    This is amazing!

  23. I live in Miami and went, but it seems as if we had different experiences. I did not see the graffiti artists, but I did have a toothless homeless man serenade me about having fabulous legs. I might win.

  24. Thanks for your insight into Miami street art! Fabulous to see!

  25. debbiestokoe

    great thanks

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    The Arts—are an integal part of everyones’ Life, whether they create it or experience it.

  28. Oh, lift my Art Spirit–THANKS!!!

  29. davidmerzel

    I love it

  30. Heartafire

    Reblogged this on Heartafire and commented:
    The street art in Miami is awesome.

  31. Very cool! Loved it and you played too:) Even better.

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