My friend recently told me I had too many apps on my phone. Maybe, I said, but no harm in that. If you use it, even just once or twice, you might as well keep an application on there, right?

But there’s a word for it, he said, which is “overapplicated.” It means you’ve got too many for your own good.  I disputed this fact, but he doubled down on me, saying that no, I was pretty much a textbook version of it. “You’re so effing overapplicated it’s not even funny,” were his exact words.

Then I started to read the icons on my phone and I said whaddya know? Guilty as charged, man, Guilty. As. Charged.




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6 responses to “Overapplicated

  1. Dude. Etsy? I don’t even have Etsy.

  2. drewdernavich

    In fact, six of the apps were never opened, and deleted as soon as I took the screen shot. I’ll let you speculate as to the others 🙂

  3. I have too many apps too. I look at them at least once an week, determined to weed out the deadwood. I almost never delete anything. I need some sort of hard rule. Use it at least once a month or it’s gone, perhaps?

  4. Oh, and as always the post is great. I wish I could claim my apps were there to spell out a joke. but alas…

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