What We Talk About When We Talk About the Flag

The other day while I was looking at the ol’ Star Spangled Banner I thought to myself, it’s also spangled with stripes, so why isn’t it called the Stripe Spangled Banner? And then I thought, why do we ever call it the Flag, which is the most boring term of all for the national symbol? So, here is a list of nicknames I’ve adopted for the red, white and blue. Happy Independence Day, everybody!

  • The Forever Symbol
  • Broadstripe & Brightstar’s Excellent Adventure
  • Community Cloth
  • The White Represents Sarah Palin and the Red Represents Michael Moore and the Blue Field is All the Rest Of Us Waiting for Them to Shut Up
  • Old Glory, Recent Shame
  • Suck it, Yellow, You Symbolizer of Stupid Stuff
  • Navajo Nation (NOT! HAHAHA!!)
  • Betsywear
  • Francis ScottTowel

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Filed under Art, Found objects, Graphic Design

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