Don’t Celebrate Quite Yet

The fact checkers at the New Yorker magazine are famous for their thoroughness, but they might have (spoiler alert: football analogy coming) dropped the ball on my most recent cartoon, which I think I drew during a power outage. I’ll detail these errors so that you, the readers, don’t have to. Where to start?

1) If you are an art student who has been instructed in the correct use of linear perspective, you might notice that the table kind of disappears at the far end. In fact, if you trace the  edges of it, you’ll find that the table has this shape:

2) It’s pretty hard to drink a glass of wine through a football helmet’s face mask. They are just posing with them.

3) Oops! No silverware.

4) Nobody is Tebowing in the end zone, which means that it’s pretty obvious that the cartoon was drawn in early October, and therefore not in touch with the current national zeitgeist.

5) There are 12 men at the dinner table, which is one too many according to NFL rules, and clearly a penalty. This touchdown should have been called back. What’s ironic is that there’s no delay of game penalty. Because there’s no silverware, the meal is over pretty quickly.

6) You would never know this by looking at the cartoon, but it’s the 4th quarter, and the team that is celebrating is still behind in this game, 31-10. There is no reason for them to be celebrating.

7) This is also very self-serving of me, but the players aren’t actually talking about the game (maybe because they’re behind 31-10). They’re trying to think of captions for my last caption contest cartoon with the hippo. It’s so meta!



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3 responses to “Don’t Celebrate Quite Yet

  1. Dan

    So I guess that my question on reviewing instant replays for cartoons has been definitively answered. Nice. I laugh at most every NYer cartoon, but don’t often get a follow-on laugh. (further football metaphors ahead) Good play by play on your own cartoon. Other possible football jokes: Illegal use of hands, illegal formation, piling on. Reminds me of a very old MAD magazine bit: “A few calls we’d like to see in real life.”

  2. but… the missing wine glasses are on the floor. You are a terrible cartoonist or maybe you’re better than you know.

  3. birdbee

    And still is works just great… as usual.

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