Behind the Gutters

We did this a few weeks ago, so let’s try it again just for fun. Here’s what I sketched when I had the original ‘a-ha’ about a guy whose couch was so filled with leftovers from previous dinners that he had to get gutters installed. It’s about somebody else, naturally.

It needed a bit more fleshing out to be understood. Who is that person looking over his shoulder?

This is the last step in getting it to be a submission-worthy sketch. Yes, I sometimes sign my sketches. Why? No idea.

So, this is how it looks when I originally hand it over to the editor for consideration:

And this is what it looks like in this week’s issue of the New Yorker. Page 80 if you have one of the printed thingys.

And this is what my drawing desk looks like. WHY CAN I MAKE JOKES ABOUT SOMEBODY ELSE’S COUCH BUT NOT MY OWN DESK?


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