Take: One

In addition to cartooning and designing heavy metal logos, my ‘other’ day job is graphic recording, which is the practice of live mural-sized note-taking, usually at business meetings. People talk, and we draw what they’re talking about. And now, through the magic of TV, this practice is coming to … TV! Or, at least, I think it is.

Last week I was at CBS’ television studios in Greenpoint, filming a graphic recording sequence for the upcoming season of  The Good Wife. It was the same thing as we do in real life – people talk, and I drew what they were talking about. The only difference was that this time it was actors, so I was either really drawing a fake conversation, or I was fake drawing a real conversation, or I was fake drawing a fake conversation which was actually improvised according to a real script. I’m not really sure. But when the director looked at the clips, it was determined that I wasn’t really acting, which is a relief – otherwise, I would have been paid millions of dollars.

To prove I was really there, here is a picture of the fake nameplate on Alicia Florrick’s (which is the real name of Julianna Margulies’ real character) actual fake office

and here is the real set that the actual fictitious scene takes place in

and here is a preview section of the real drawing I did.

I have a lot more respect for actors now. The process is not unlike surgery – you get prepped by specialists as you loiter in an unfamiliar room, you get led into an environment with a lot of bright lights and people speaking in lingo, and you get sent home without knowing the full results of what happened. Whether the back of my head (I was drawing, remember – not acting) makes it into the final cut remains to be seen. But it was fun. Alan Cumming was great, as was the director, Brooke Kennedy.

At this point I’d love to be able to put up pics of the actual shoot. Of course, only the most starry-eyed novice would be cheesy enough to try to take pictures in that situation, so I refrained. I’m a class guy. But the food spread in the extras room? Fair game.

Lastly, I need to thank to the rockstars at Alphachimp and Kelvy Bird for the connection on this one. Thanks all!


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