Coffee Is Its Own Reward

So there I was yesterday morning, trying to come up with good ideas, and struggling a little bit in the consciousness department. So I poured myself yet another cup of java. Would this help get me over the hump? Of course it would, because when I looked down at my desk I saw this visual reminder that coffee can help you accomplish ANYTHING.

More specifically, it will help you think of cartoons. It will probably not help you win the 4-man bobsled, although this Olympic ring thing is pretty cool, and is something that happened completely by accident, and is not at all something that I meticulously created because I thought it would be hysterical in a blog post.

Oh – and, there’s this….




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2 responses to “Coffee Is Its Own Reward

  1. I spend a fair bit of time sketching and drawing in coffee shops. One day I used my watercolor brush to fill a few pages of my sketch book with coffee drawings… that is drawings made with coffee, not drawing of coffee.

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