The 12 Days of Corporate Christmas

This year I made a conscious decision to bring my A-game and really take it to the next level. I figured that, in today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, the only enabler of a strategy that would enable me to hit the ground running was to develop a client-centered focus, and to leverage my next-generation capabilities. Yes, I had to manage expectations, and there were times when I had to call an audible, to come to a hard stop and take it offline if I saw potential barriers to entry. But at the end of the day, if I take a helicopter view of everything, I think I really put an impactful stake in the ground.

And so, to celebrate, I’ve created a robust, user-centric, plug-and-play model on how you should act going forward in this holiday season. Feel free to get out of your silo and use it as a takeaway.



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7 responses to “The 12 Days of Corporate Christmas

  1. I got out my ukulele and sang it. Can’t say it made me fell very festive, though. 😉

  2. donna

    thanks. i walked away from this with some valuable learnings.
    i think i’ll go have a discussion around this with my family now.
    happy holidays.

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  7. It’s such a relief that mention of the dominant paradigm has gone the way of figgy pudding.

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