A pinch of this and a steaming pile of that

I like to cook. I like cooking because it often leads to eating, which I am also very fond of. But I’m not the kind of person who likes to follow specific recipes, mostly because recipes try and make you follow exact measurements in order to make something, and I’m more of an improvisation guy. To me, surprise is half the fun of eating. For instance, instead of making stuffed peppers you can make a stuffed sesame seed instead, which saves on ingredients. I don’t like it when people ask “what kind of wine will go with what’s in that bowl?” because I don’t even remember what’s in the bowl because I was watching TV. But it will all work out okay, especially if you brought a lot of wine.

When I do cook from recipes, I look for recipes that use unscientific measurements like splashes and dashes, and not ounces or megabytes or other things that require a Ph.D to figure out. But I do try to stay away from certain types of measurements. If you’re more of a “taste and see” guy like me, here’s a little guide:


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