So What Isn’t Dead Nowadays?

It’s good to be provocative sometimes, especially if you can get a conversation started about an important topic. I assumed that’s what Wired magazine was doing a few weeks ago with their “The Web is Dead” cover story, ironically announced online. It got people thinking: “what do they mean by that?” And so I was relieved to find out that, no, the internet isn’t really dead, but Wired had a point to make.

Then I started noticing a trend: magazines suddenly started pronouncing everything dead. But they couldn’t all be publicity stunts, could they? Are some of these true? It’s been getting scary:

I was beginning to get immune to it all, until I saw this chilling headline while waiting in line at the grocery store:

Which really brought the point home. From there, I roamed around the underworld in my invisible zombie state, haunting the world of the living and weeping at the fact that I didn’t exist any longer. But I did get hungry, and when I went into a bodega to get a Snickers, I saw this magazine:

Which, thankfully, brought it all full circle. If everything is dead, then nothing is dead, right? I can now go on with life as before. I’m getting me some coffee. I don’t care if it’s alive or not.


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One response to “So What Isn’t Dead Nowadays?

  1. Mark Thompson

    Snickers makes a brain flavor now?

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