James Cameron’s $100 Bill Design

James Cameron has been printing money out there in Hollywood for the last dozen years, and now he is doing the next logical thing: designing it.

That’s right. Cameron’s first post-Avatar project isn’t a movie, but something a lot bigger: he’s designing the 100 dollar bill. It’s scheduled for release in February of 2011, and it’s going to be huge. Check out this teaser video.

Don’t think it’s true? This is really a no-brainer. In the Na’vi, Cameron created a world of people who at first glance appear to be like us, but who in reality are preoccupied with strange rituals and who speak an incomprehensible language. Hello – what’s so different about the aliens of Wall Street (or, for that matter, Hollywood)? Cameron truly knows his material. Consider all of the ways that this bill takes everything to the next level for the director:

  • Like Avatar, it’s got 3D woven into it (the blue security ribbon), but this time you don’t need the idiotic glasses.
  • The color palette is so gaudy it makes Pandora look as about as kaleidoscopic as a cinder block.
  • You can run it through the washing machine with no problem. Try doing that to your Avatar DVD.
  • The bell silhouette actually changes color as you turn the bill in your hand. Does it change color to reflect your mood? Does the bill know what you are thinking? Are your palms getting sweaty? This is a visceral piece of currency, people.
  • Is there a better action hero than Ben Franklin? In addition to being a politician, printer, Postmaster, scientist, musician, beer brewer, and world traveler, Franklin could also stone cold act, as witnessed by his role as curmudgeonly female author and Harvard-basher Silence Dogood.
  • It’s got raised printing – you can feel Franklin’s left shoulder, and rumor has it that in later releases, you’ll actually be able to smell his warm sausage breath.

And that’s just the front. If you study the back of the bill from left to right, you will view a panorama that that is traditional and regal and then – BAM! T-Pain drives a Hummer full of bling right through the thing in the form of that ridiculously outsized golden “100.” It’s what Cameron does best – the obvious, but spectacular, plot twist. I don’t see very many $100s, though, so here’s hoping Kathryn Bigelow can step up and really rock the redesign of the nickel.


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