Showerhead 2.0

If you are a multitasker, you are living in a Golden Age, even though you are probably playing foursquare to notice. You can watch video on your phone and you can Tweet while you’re playing baseball and you can text somebody while you’re driving an 18-wheeler downhill in a rainstorm. So it only makes sense that now, apparently, the bathroom has become the newest arena to feature technological distraction. And why not? It’s not like the bathroom is a place where you’ve got to concentrate on anything, or read an instruction manual on how to do your business.

I was traveling this week and my hotel room had a showerhead that was actually a video game controller. My first reaction was that this was an unnecessary extravagance, but when I thought about how many times I couldn’t open the shampoo bottle because I was being assaulted by an army of ninjas I realized that this was a great invention. Here are some of the functions I discovered:


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